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As the premier developer and redeveloper of Residential and Commercial real estate, Global Real Estate Development, Inc. is committed to producing returns to our investment partners while protecting the capital they have invested. By focusing only on desirable, high performing real estate markets with high barriers to entry, our assets retain long term value and are well protected from the threat of additional competitive supply. Rigorous study of a market by our in-house team of experts in planning/design, construction, and asset management determines the most appropriate design, brand affiliation, and product placement to appropriately address the customer demand in the market. Conservative underwriting is conducted to minimize the risk that investor equity could be threatened by adverse conditions including economic downturns, financial market disruptions, or interest rate volatility. In-house development and construction management personnel oversees daily activity on the job site to ensure investor capital is spent wisely. Once the real estate is developed or re-developed, a hands on approach to asset management is engaged driving profitability of the portfolio at every opportunity.

Our investment structure aligns the interests of the investor with Global Real Estate Development. Investors receive a preferred return followed by a return of all capital invested before Global Real Estate Development participates in any property cash flow or refinance/sale proceeds. All projects are designed and underwritten to be held long term with investor returns generated through property cash flow and debt refinancing. This approach is intended to ensure that each asset can be a viable investment through all stages of the real estate cycle. Despite this long term view applied when underwriting our projects, in periods of the real estate cycle when the transaction market is most competitive and buyers are aggressive, asset sales can be considered to capitalize on value added through income growth and real estate appreciation. Through this approach, Global Real Estate Development has established repeated success in delivering valuable investment results to our investors.

For more detail on our investment platform, please contact us at investors@globalredevelopment.com